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Tim is currently offering weekly Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes at the Wellness Movement Centre starting Sunday 7th October. Please see the flyer below for information.


Vinyasa Flow 8 week course

Sunday 9.00-10.30am, starting Sunday 7th October to 25th November, 2018
Yoga class price $100 for 8 session series or $15 per class


Wellness Movement Studio, Corner of Trafalgar and New St (entrance off New St) Nelson


Tim Maples

Tim has had many decades of experience in the Indian Yogic tradition starting with a six months Raja Yoga teachers training in South India with Swami Gitananda.

His Vinyasa Flow , Restorative and Bhakti yogi classes blend elements of Iyenga, Ashtanga and personal learnings with the traditional Raja yoga precepts. He is an initiate of Shabd Master Charan Singh in the mystic meditation path of Sant Mat.

He brings enthusiasm, spirited joy and international experience as a Leadership Coach/Facilitator , Polarity and Gestalt therapist, NLP practitioner and nutrition author to his Yoga workshops and classes. He loves the poetry of Hafiz and Tagore , kirtan singing and the music of Deva Premal, Jai Utall, Prema Hara , Gina Sala , Fana Fi Allah and of course Bhangra dancing.

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa means – ‘breath synchronised movement’. Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga linking movement with conscious breath. Each class is a unique sequence of poses designed to tone your body, improve your posture, stamina and flexibility. You will leave feeling calmer, energized and more focussed.

Vinyasa’s strength is its diversity. There is room for the individual teacher's personalities, style and experiences to come through. Yoga teaches the means by which the human spirit - jivatma – can be united with God – paramatma – and so secure liberation – moksa.

His three audio cd's - The Fundamentals of Flow, Flow Alignment and Vinyasa Flow are available from
* The first book to systematize the practice was the classic treatise the Yoga Sutras (or Aphorisms) of Patanjali 
(a great Indian sage) dating 200 B.C.


I am passionate about ensuring that our studio, the classes, workshops and health services offered are infused with spirit – Sattva - and with heart - Anahata.
I value:

Prana - Increasing the life force of the body through postures and sequences that create flexibility, strength, balance and alignment.

Vinyasa - The synchronisation of breath and movement.

Dharana - The development of mental concentration and emotional resilience through linked postures, ujaya breathing, bhandas (energy locks), dristi (focus points), anchoring and affirmation.

Bhakti - Mind stilling, deep relaxation, honouring our spirit, interconnectedness and Divine source.

Ahimsa - A safe, supportive compassionate approach that respects all levels and focuses on ‘Softening' into the stretch of ‘life’. This also includes the importance of a vegetarian diet to attain one-pointed attention and spiritual growth.

In the Bhagavad Gita – Sri Krishna explains to Arjuna – “when the restlessness of the mind, intellect and self is stilled through the practise of Yoga, the yogi, by the grace of the Spirit within, finds fulfilment”.